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Building integrated ecosystems that benefit your business

We are a business intelligence agency that offers a unique solution for companies and entrepreneurs looking to benefit from the Big Data. We conceive and create custom ecosystems, based solely on your needs, by extracting information from both external sources and within your established environment.

Big Data and the Internet of Things are the “buzz words” of the moment, and the huge amount of collected data can be very scary: the Norwegian research organisation SINTEF published that 90% of all the data in the world was generated in the last couple of years – and we can help you to benefit from it.

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Big Data

How useful are terabytes of data if you’re unsure on how to explore it? Don’t worry, we got it covered.



Enjoy our already deployed platforms to increase the value of your business. Content management. Controlled advertising. You name it.


Brand Boost

Advertising and SEO experts alike, our teams work together to create new, valuable data that will boost your brand name.



We’re very concerned about the privacy of your data and your business. We work with state-of-art cryptography to ensure security and privacy.


Learn what services we can offer you

Information Technology Services

Multiple teams at your disposal depending on your needs

We are data experts that can help your business in multiple ways: big data analysis, project development, data modelling, etc. We also have in-house affiliation programs for traffic monetization, and custom APIs to populate your website with new, unique content.

Business Intelligence

Data is our world. Our consultants have years of experience in data-warehousing, data consolidation and dashboards creation. Dealing with a lot of data and spreadsheets is very time consuming. We can help you navigate through the oceans of data and provide actual results.

Data API

For small business and entrepreneurs that want to benefit from an already deployed platform, we have conceived fully-integrated APIs for multiple industries. We have multiple plans and customisable products to fit your needs.

Social Marketing

Get your name out there and improve your SEO. Our social marketing ecosystem makes sure your website is having the deserved presence on the web. Our flexible API lets us target very specific niches so your conversion rate goes through the roof.

Affiliation Programs

We’re recognized by working with multiple international data providers that benefit from our consolidated API to reach a broader audience. If you have an established audience and are looking for ways to monetise your traffic, this is a huge opportunity.

ETL Development

Need to integrate custom data into your software, website or database? Our data engineers have experience with literally hundreds of different APIs written in multiple languages. Tell us what you have and what you need: our engineers will take care of everything.

Project Management

If you just read about how big data will revolutionize and want to be part of this new trend, know that you’re not alone. Our clients have trusted us with end-to-end projects for implementing business intelligence methodologies within their companies.


Contact us for a custom plan!


U$15per month
U$15per month
  • Basic access to our API with minimal level of customization. Content is newly generated but not exclusive.

  • Daily updated content
  • Geo-target content
  • Support by email
  • Premium content
  • Access to bonus offers


U$20per month
U$20per month
  • Full access to our API with all data providers available. Access to bonus offers and beta access to new integrations.

  • Daily updated content
  • Geo-target content
  • Support by email
  • Premium content
  • Access to bonus offers

Social Marketing

U$20per website
U$20per website
  • Make your content reach broader audiences with our social marketing platform. High-quality traffic guaranteed. Available for WordPress or RSS ready websites.

  • High-level customization
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (soon)

Make sure to contact us before or after the purchase so we can setup the API for you. All the plans are monthly-based and can be paid by PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, send us a message.


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