An introduction to the digital world

Demeter is the name of our introductory program to the current digital world targeted to non-governmental organizations in Canada & Latin America. Many social projects could be more efficient and reach more people if they used the technological benefits available. We use our time and knowledge to explain social marketing opportunities and bureaucratic efficiency with the help of technology.

It’s in the roots of our company to consider social and environmental issues in decision making instead of relying exclusively on profit-maximizing goals. Latin America, a region that is intimately known by members of our team, doesn’t receive enough aid in terms of digital introduction.

That’s why we conceived Demeter, a program to introduce the main benefits that are currently available for NGOs in the digital world.

We take extra time to explain why digital assets, including websites, social media and monetary tokens like bitcoin and other crypto currencies are important. We offer our support to individually explain how these digital assets are already having a huge impact in developing countries.

All work is done on a voluntary basis by members of our team who are either linked to the causes, or interested in aiding in the introduction to the digital world. Financial donations are also available to eligible entities.

We help in multiple, diverse ways:

  • Financial donations directed to eligible NGOs.
  • Conceive and create one or multiple promotional websites for the NGOs activities.
  • Explain the basic concepts of digital and social media marketing.
  • Explain what blockchain is and how these technologies can be disruptive in small communities.
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